How to protect your computer

Here is the some basic ways to be protected from cyber attack and being hacked. I hope these ways inform you how to protect your computer.

 1. Do not give your network computer’s password to anyone. Not even to your network system   administrator.

2. Do change the passwords very often.

3. Make a difficult password to guess.

4. Do not write and keep your password everywhere there. Never save your password in a file in your computer. Just remember it in your mind.

5. Do not leave the computer alone while it is on.

6. If someone needs to use your computer, log off from the computer first and give him to use.

7. If anything seems wrong in your computer, get help from your network administrator.

8. Never store your personal and important files in your ‘home’ directory of the network.

8. With a view to sharing an important file with your colleague you never make your whole home directory as ‘shared’ folder. Copy those files in to a common folder and share that folder only. After the colleague copies the file immediately delete that folder.

9. In any circumstance, you should not leave important files in common folders.

10. If you do not have enough system administrators’ knowledge, do not install any application in your computer. Do not download programs from internet or copy programs from CDs.

11. Never download unnecessary audio, video, images from internet. These are the common route for viruses.

12. At the time of working hours avoid using Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger or any other instant messengers to chat with unofficial persons. You may however use them to communicate for official needs.

13. Never use your personal emails during office hours except your office mails.

14. Keep away from sending unwanted mails to others in the network.

15. Never attach a big file in your email. If you need to send a big file to many colleagues, upload it to a network folder such as dropbox and ask your colleagues to view it from there.

16. Keep away using your office email address to join mailing lists and newsgroups. If done, it may increase the possibility of SPAM mails.

17. Never open email attachments from unknown or public computer. Always use good anti-virus software in your computer and keep it up to date.

18. Never reply any SPAM emails and do not click on unsubscribe link in these mails. Delete them immediately.

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