Browse Internet Privately.

Today I have come here with a tips of using internet in private browsing. Anonymous browsing internet is too much harmful for our computer. Beside, private browsing is safe for us a lot. In the way of in-private internet browsing our computer get attacked by virus. So, we all should use internet privately.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers us a special blue-shaded browser skin to indicate we are in “Incognito mode”.
Chrome's private-browsing mode is called "Incognito." On Windows, it can be found under the Tools menu which is displaying as the wrench, or in the File menu on Macs. Just select "New incognito window”.
The new window displayed will be a darker shade of blue and has a helpful warning screen about scenarios where “Incognito” may be insufficient for covering our tracks.


Firefox brings a new window which is showing a purple masquerade mask in the location bar when we are in Private Browsing mode.
Firefox offers its private setting as "Private Browsing," which can be found under the “Option Menu” which can also be activated by pressing the “Control+Shift+P”
 By enabling Firefox's private browsing, we can conceal all of our currently open tabs and windows and present us with a new blank window.
Once we have done with our private-browsing session, the tabs and windows we opened before we started private browsing will be restored.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8 shows an "In Private" badge in the location bar when we are browsing privately.
Microsoft introduced "In Private Mode" in Internet Explorer 8. To enable it, just head to the In Private Browsing item in IE8's Safety menu. We will then be presented with a new window. To exit In Private browsing mode, just close that window.

Apple's web browser also uses the term "Private Browsing", which we will find under the “Safari menu”. Select that option, and Safari will warn us that none of our history will be stored, searches won't be saved, and so on. Just click “OK” and we will be in “Private-browsing mode”. To turn private browsing off, just select the menu item again.


Opera offers a private tab within a non-private window or, less confusingly, a brand new private-browsing window. Both options can be found under the new “Opera Menu” item under the Tabs and Windows options.   
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